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Anne's House

Photos from Anne's house - Thanks for the great time!!Ajwd0hTQ5Q-1vQlz_v6XEMQw4Yeh


Photos from our trip to Bakken with Anne, Stine, Mads and lots of kids!!Ajwd0hTQ5Q-1vQrduDpa86JrL6KP

Trelleborg Photos

Photos from Trelleborg Viking Festival - totally awesome!!Ajwd0hTQ5Q-1vQsX8KNxJje7KziF

Kronborg Castle and Helsingor

Greatest castle I have ever been to with a live play of Hamlet as well!!Ajwd0hTQ5Q-1vQw7nc1AJ84lfGpU


Pictures from Jettes and Ringsted!Ajwd0hTQ5Q-1vQ3IA_Z43FO9IJaq

Technical Museum

Pictures from the technical museum in Helsingor!Ajwd0hTQ5Q-1vQ6JfsSk8XdtigsK


Two day trip to Legoland equals lots of photos!!Ajwd0hTQ5Q-1vQ-6A2ipM8hKBR9B

Seaside trips

Pictures from 2 trips to the sea!!Ajwd0hTQ5Q-1vRALen3ANO4s3hdx