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another great holiday - Mallorca


Just got back from a week in Mallorca. Fantastic weather, lovely place, great food and one of the best beaches and seas I have been to.

Pictures are on the site in the holiday folder.

Great Holiday in Holland


Just got back from a great holiday in Holland at Duinrell amusement park. We stayed in a really nice dungalow (it is dungalow) in a holiday park attached to an amusement park and water park. The attractions were fantastic and both boys got to ride some pretty extreme rides for their ages.

The pool was fantastic and had 11 slides which were all good fun. Plenty to do all day long and the weather was really good too.

Would highly recommend Duinrell for any holiday.

Adam starts walking


He's been toddling around for about a month now and is really getting quite good with the old walking. Unfortunately this means we have two troublesome, but cute, boys to keep in check.

Pictures as always in the site.



Site gets updated


The site was in dire need of an overhaul. I have made changes to my new CMS system to incorporate the picture uploading functionality I built for my original site. There may be a few glitches but hopefully the site will continue to grow.



New Job Alert!


Just to let you know that I have procurred a new job as a web developer in a local firm. Purenet are based at the York science park and specialise in Ecommerce solutions.

The team is small but good fun and everything is going well.

Thanks to everyone who supported us in these difficult times